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So quickly the time has passed

My mother and Anne have come and gone. I had an amazing time sharing a bit of my life here in Ghana, as well as traveling and discovering new places along the 3 week journey. As we traveled around the country, we poured energy and life into fellow Peace Corps projects. I really missed my mom. One year is the longest I have gone without seeing my mother. Mother and Anne have arrived safely back in the States, and are now back to moving at the pace of life at home. I hope they enjoyed their trip as much as I enjoyed having them here. It is nice to have people to share this with in the flesh.

I want to thank both my mom and Anne on behalf of everyone here for the textbooks, pencil sharpeners, and computers. That’s right Anne! COMPUTERS!! I picked them up in Accra last week and am in the process of setting them up! With the help of some friends *cough* (Anne), I have been able to purchase 4 computers to start up a brand new ICT lab for the kids at the Volta School for the Deaf. I can not wait to see the kids faces when they start arriving at school. They should start to show up on campus around September 14th. I will find a camera to take pictures for posting. Meanwhile, here are some more photos from the tail end of Momma Aku and Auntie Yawas trip to Ghana:

2 Responses to “So quickly the time has passed”

  1. Marilyn Parker says:

    Thank you for the peek into your world and the travels with your mother and Anne. I admire all the things you are doing for your students. You are making a difference in their lives. Can’t wait to see the photos of when they meet the computers!!!!

  2. JJPLUNK says:

    Scott! You are truly a warrior and very missed my good friend. I’m enjoying the photos and am glad to see you doing well. Its good to see your mom making it out there too.. that’s awesome! Wishing you all the best.

    Jim Morrison

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